Thursday, July 12, 2012

CSS Tutorials

Cascading Style Sheet

1.     Introduction


The Cascading Style Sheet(CSS)  is very simple language to simplify the process of creating web pages. The html pages create a structure for the web pages. But CSS is responsible for how the web pages are displayed.
   CSS  gives authors, Publishers and web-designers complete access for layout of the webpage. It helps designers to separate content from its design.
- Using CSS for web page designing saves a lot of time.
- It reduces the size of the web-page.
- A single CSS can be applied to multiple web pages or entire website.
-CSS uses simple set of rules to define the presentation of HTML elements.

CSS specification is maintained by World Wide Web Consortium.
Before beginning the fun of learning CSS, Following things are recommended :
-          You must have knowledge of HTML/XHTML.
-          You will understand CSS more if you use Notepad like applications rather than using software’s like Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage or any other CSS editors. 

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