Monday, March 25, 2013

CSS 3 Background Properties

I have already discussed about the background properties in Color and Background Properties.


 The background-size allows to decide the size of the image. Before CSS 3 size of the image was the size of the background image. With CSS 3 we can decide the height and width for the background image, following is the syntax for background-size:

background-size: <width> <height>;

Example :

This is sample for "background-size"

Its a very good feature

The one good feature added with CSS3 is that you can add multiple background images.


Its a very good feature. The grass and tree are from two different images. But still both can be seen as background of single element.


     The background-origin property decides origin of the background image. It can start from border-box ie from border or padding-box from padding or can be placed only in the content box.


Example :


background-origin: border-box


background-origin: content-box

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